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“To the Surgeon Kevin Lin,” W.S. Merwin 2005

Printed in Eve (Koch Antiqua) in two colors onto Japanese gasen-shi. The decoration is suminagashi or ‘spilled ink,’ a Japanese technique for decorating paper with ink patterns floating on the surface of water. Every sheet is hand decorated, making each broadside unique. The sheets are attached to a larger sheet of gasen-shi and the two are attached to a still larger sheet of Canson Mi-Teintes, creating a double frame effect.

The broadside was printed to honor the work of the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and its Director, Dr. Abraham Verghese on the occasion of a visit by W.S. Merwin and a reading of his work. Concurrent with that event was the opening of Ninja Press at Twenty, the twentieth anniversary retrospective exhibition of books, broadsides, and ephemera produced by Carolee Campbell at Ninja Press. 20 x 9.25 inches. $75